Eventbrite - How to Launch Your Dream Career in Big Data

Are you ready to launch your dream career in Big Data?

“Data Scientist” is referred to as the sexiest job title of the century by Harward Business Review.

With demands for big data professionals on the rise, this is a great time to get into this exciting and growing field. Demand for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analyts and Data Visualizers cut across many industries like Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Manufacturing and E-Commerce.

Sign-up for our hands-on, project-based training that will help you navigate the booming Big Data industry.

This training is conducted by professionals from the Silicon Valley of USA, where the Big Data technology was born in the backrooms of technology giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, IBM and LinkedIn.

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Our Unique Training Methodology


  • Hands-on, Project based learning
  • Flexible Weekend, Weekday Classes
  • Live, Instructor-led, Online training
  • Mentorship Support
  • Certification Oriented Training
  • Access to Big Data Products – IBM, Oracle, TIBCO, Cloudera, Salesforce
  • Trainers from the Industry
    • Financial Services
    • Social Media
    • Retail
    • Technology
  • Work on Customer Projects
    • Real-life Applications in selected industry and function
    • Solve customer problem
    • Develop Prototype
    • Demonstrate expertise to future employers
  • Placement Assistance
    • Professional Resume Preparation
    • Customer Project
    • Referrals to Recruiters and Companies

Attend a free webinar or learn more about our professional training courses.