Pomegranate Ink, Dublin

One of our very first clients. What would be a better way to honor them than to showcase them in our website? We helped them create a mobile app that is ground breaking in concept and loved by many moms.

LayerZoom, Los Angeles

Our client wanted to expand their reach in the Financial Services industry. We ran highly targeted campaigns reaching prospects through multiple channels using direct calls, emails and content marketing.

IFG, Los Gatos

Sometimes it would be frustrating to who your target customers are, but there is no way to reach them through email. This was a unique problem presented to us and we worked with our client to get around it. We were able to generate the leads and the success rate is one which we are really proud of.

Acquiring new customers is one thing, but managing their information is a whole different story. Our client wanted to collate information of all their customers from multiple data sources. We helped them gather, collate and sort their customer information.

Sensitel, Santa Clara

Sensitel is our client and also a valued business partner. They wanted to expand their market into the Winery industry by offering solutions aimed at family owned wineries in Napa and Sonoma in California. We helped them reach out to wineries through a ‘multi-touch’ approach for lead generation.


As a data analytics company, Double Check helps their clients in improving efficiency and in saving valuable dollars for them. We worked with them closely to reach out to their potential market for sales opportunities and provided strategic inputs to convert them into paying customers.